Are you concerned about the security of your home or office?  What about the safety of your family and employees?

Creative Protection Solutions is this area's security and safety specialists. We will come to your home or office, inspect your current safety and security measures and make recommendations for your consideration.

Specialists in defensive proactive security measures.

Our goal is to help you and those you care about to feel and be safer, where ever you are at. 
Not only in your Home or Workplace but also when you are traveling to your destinations.

Have you noticed that we are living in some very strange and dangerous times?

Law enforcement seems to be decreasing while crime is increasing.

How safe are you?           Don't guess - be sure!

-Is your Home, Office / work place Safe and Secure?

-What about when you are in transit? How safe are you in your automobile?

-What do you do if you are attacked?

-Do you know how you can avoid being attacked
 and protect yourself from being a victim?

-Do you know how
you can protect yourself and the people you care about?
-At Home? At Work?, In your Automobile?
On your Boat?

-How much do you value your safety and that of the people you care about?     

-We can assist you in being safer by offering our services:

-Safety / Security inspections and information:

-Systems / Products that can elevate the levels of your Safety,
 Security, Protection and Comfort:

-Firearms Instruction / Training:
 Our NRA certified Instructors offer many different services, from
 NRA first steps and basic pistol all the way to tactical shooting techniques / strategies.

-NRA Refuse to be a Victim Classes:
 -We can also assist you in meeting the requirements to qualify you to apply for your Concealed Carry Lic.

-Firearms sales: 
 We can assist you in finding
the proper firearms,
 at a reasonable price

-Disaster Preparedness information:

-Automobile Safety / Security Instruction:

-Self Defense training:
 Ways defend yourself if attacked.
 From firearms and other weapons
 to hand to hand combat.

When the Safety / Security of you and your family is more important to you than cost concerns,
you might be amazed when you find out what we can do for you.

We can help you find the best ways to get the most for your money.

Even if your resources are limited and you don't think you can afford
any level of protection, it's still available for you.
You might even be surprised what is available.
We can probably help you for much less than you might think.

We offer High Quality Service along with Reasonable / Low cost pricing:

(Those who think you can not afford our services, contact us anyhow.)
(We may be able to help you with special pricing.)

-Home Security
Inspections + Evaluation  @ $125.00
-Shooting Instruction / Lessons @ $40. per hr

-NRA 1'st steps 3hr Pistol class (qualifying you to apply for the Florida Concealed Carry Lic.)

(This Class may exceed 3hrs with additional instruction and usually students will fire aprox 25 to 50 rounds minimum).

Pricing may vary some based on location, time, level of protection / instruction desired, size of the area covered and so on.

Firearm rental is usually available at range, if desired. Firearms, range fees + ammo cost not included in pricing.

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